California has a restrictive list of "Guns Certified for Sale" (see list: http://certguns.doj.ca.gov).

YOU are responsible for knowing if a firearm you wish to purchase
is either on the list, or meets one of the exceptions.

If you order a restricted firearm, or any other legally-restricted product,
you may be responsible for return shipping costs and restocking fees.

If in doubt please call us, or come into our store before ordering.

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Welcome to our new website! We are under new ownership, with a new attitude and a fresh load of inventory.
In the coming months, we will be adding our catalog and used guns to this site so you can browse from your living room.
Thanks for visiting! We look forward to seeing you in the shop.
Special Services: Smithing
A Variety of Firearms In Stock
Willie does some great work
Smithing is one of American Gun Works' specialties.
Willie gives all of your firearms tender lovin' care.


Such a FRIENDLY FRIENDLY staff and the shop is great. I will definitely be going back frequently ... I can say with the current owner and operation, that it was the friendliest gun store I have ever been to.
I was very happy with my experience there. The layout is really good and they have lots of cool stuff in stock. Very good selection of firearms.
The owner introduced me to one of the Gunsmiths and he was a real cool guy. I enjoyed talking with him ...
American Gun Works Crew

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